Saturday, 14 September 2013


From the moment humans formed social groups they exalted, or accepted the imposition of, an elite to lead them.
Archaeological finds give us evidence from burial sites that there have always been some humans  'more important' than others.
As humans developed they created whole systems where 'more important' people benefited by their 'importance' to the detriment of those less and less 'important' in the scheme of things.
Across the world Tribalism and Feudalism became the default systems,
It is becoming apparent that nothing has changed.

Every system of governance whether it be Democracy, Communism, Socialism, or even Fascism has never really worked because they all revert back to Feudalism and Tribalism.

Are we as humans wired to only be able to function by 'more important' people telling us what to do?

We all crave open and transparent governance but who is asking for good people, experienced in life who know what they are doing to govern us. What is the point of transparent governance that just reverts to a transparent tribalism or feudalism?

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband are the the leaders of UK politics today and yet not one of them has had a normal job, not one of them has ever had to go out and learn a skill, not one of them has had to worry about paying for their education, not one of them had to fight to put food on the table for their family, google (if you dare) their bios. All of them have gone through a system training them to be 'important people'.
How, with absolutely no experience of the real world can these people govern us in any other way than the way they know and understand which is to preserve the status quo that put them there.

Buddhism tells us life itself is like an illusion, the job of leaders mentioned above are to create a tribal illusion that en mass we the people buy into to add layers of illusion upon the illusion of what we individually are.
It is only when we are the victims of the suffering the illusion creates for us we can open our eyes. It is only then we can see the problem is not the elites, it is our acceptance of the feudal system that creates those elites.