Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Post And Beam Strawbale Extension Part 2

Last winter the road to our village was washed away in heavy rains, above is my trusty ex military landrover  that enables us to get in and out of our, home across a narrow country track. Why I mention it is because the only supplies, including building supplies we can get has to come in via the landy.
This means only six straw bales at a time !
So here is a pic of the progress so far.

The first obvious problem I came across was the size of the bales, they can vary from 95cms long to 125cms long. This is not a big problem as I just have to resize the bales but it is time consuming.
Resizing the bales is quite simple, one just has to re tie the bales to the length one needs by poking a new piece of string through the bale at the required length with a piece of narrow iron bar.
This image shows the bales each tied down to the next, this is working out very well and making a secure stable wall , though it took a bit of fiddling to work out how to tie the string without losing the tension needed.

It is a two hour round trip at the moment to get six bales so progress is a little slow but little by little we are getting there!
To be continued…..

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