Wednesday, 20 February 2013

DIY Incense Powered Meditation Timers

Many people who meditate begin their meditation by striking what is often referred to as a Tibetan Singing Bowl.
The Singing Bowl Meditation Timer is made from recycled wood and ‘powered’ by an incense stick. When cotton from the rear bobbin is wrapped around the striker and pulled into the relevant timing slot the incense burns down, cutting through the cotton, releasing the striker that strikes the singing bowl, signaling the end of 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 minute session of meditation.
The idea is not new, some of the first clocks were powered by incense, this is a copy of an ancient Chinese incense powered clock.

 Front view of singing bowl meditation timer and incense set up for meditation.

 Rear view of singing bowl meditation timer showing the bobbin of cotton that can be removed when empty to rewind  new cotton of your choice.

 The Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Timer is hand made from recycled wood therefore the thickness of the wood can vary from timer to timer, the timer shown here is made from an old pallet.

Tingsha Meditation Timer

The meditation timer works by wrapping cotton from a bobbin at the rear of the timer, through the appropriate slot (to give the time required) pulling one tingsha away from the other. An incense stick is placed in the hole of the base which automatically rests on the taught cotton.
To start the meditation period one can move the left tingsha to strike the right tingsha to create the required sound.

When the incense stick burns down, the cotton breaks and the tingshas clash making a wonderful lingering ring to mark the end of the meditation period.

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