Friday, 8 February 2013

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera.
I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to natural healing. I do fully believe in some methods of natural healing but only those that I have first hand experience of.
Aloe Vera was one of those experiences that completely failed me.
My own experience with any aloe based products left me feeling just another hyped up product that I have been conned into buying.
The thing is I had no idea whether it was just a rubbish product or whether there is no truth in the common held beliefs of the benefits of aloe.
One day last year my girlfriend and I were at an organic market here in Spain and we came across a grower of Aloe Vera selling his products.
So supposedly fresh organic aloe gel seemed worthy of another try. I am afraid to say that I noticed no benefit at all from using the product.
Six months ago a friend gave us the Aloe Vera plant in the above photo telling us every home should have one, I smiled cynically!
A couple of weeks ago I developed a painful rash, I get it every summer, it is from the heat here in Spain (43 degrees Centigrade in the shade yesterday)
So, not having any medical proven product to apply, my girlfriend suggested I cut a leaf off the plant and apply some aloe.
I have to say the result was somewhat miraculous! Instantly there was a reduction in the pain and a wonderful relieving coolness.
Three days later the rash has healed !
I now regularly use some fresh aloe, out of the leaf kept in the fridge on my body and face as a moisturizer and not only can actually see the benefit, but as an added benefit the aloe seems to have a cooling effect that lasts far longer than just because it was taken out of the fridge!
After a tiny bit of research on the net about Aloe Vera it seems if the site is selling aloe products then hey presto Aloe Vera is a cure all!
Other sites are more circumspect about the research which is definitely not in total agreement about the benefits of aloe.
You would have to make your own mind up, but for me I now agree with my friend, every home should have an Aloe Vera plant!

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