Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Depression And 'The Diamond'


There is a way to relieve the pain of depression, and replace it with a manufactured joy instantly. I call it getting to the diamond.
I have known about it for years and have used it many times, it not only has the ability to bring joy but it has a strange effect on one’s personality that somehow draws good things to one’s life.
I have rarely written or spoken about it because I have no idea how it can possibly work or really how I could possibly explain it for others to try but I am going to attempt to tell you here how to get to the Diamond.
Yoga, meditation, tai chi, chi gong etc all have one thing in common, the breathing. One is told to take the breath down to the stomach, to breath in and fill the stomach and then as one breaths out one pulls the stomach in , squeezing the air out.
It is physically impossible to get air into the stomach and if you did you would not be exhaling from your mouth or nose !! But we do not tell our esteemed instructors that our lungs are not connected to our stomachs, neither do we exhale through our colons in front of the yoga class!
I am trying to make a point here that from now on, trying to stay logical as you read what I am about to say will not help you understand what I am trying to say, speaking in terms like “fill the stomach with air” which actually does ring true because that is what it feels like, is, in fact, the only chance I have of explaining how to get to the Diamond.
I will start by trying to explain what the Diamond is. When we are happy or joyful there is a wholeness about us, a freedom, it is not contrived, the Diamond is more of a contrived joy, that is not to say it is not real but a good analogy would be those performers who balance spinning plates on sticks, without manipulating the stick the plate will go all wobbly and fall and yet with just a little manipulation the plate begins to spin in perfect balance.
I make no claims this is a cure for depression, and if one can think of real happiness and joy as a plate spinning in mid air with no stick supporting it, the person with depression may be thinking they have as much chance of being happy as a plate defying the laws of gravity, but if the plate is real happiness, is it so wrong to start it off supported by stick?
The Diamond feels to me like it resides mid way between the throat and the navel, it feels like a tickle, butterflies, like the relieving touch of one who loves you, an exhilaration that makes one feel alive and it makes you smile, a lot!
So let us try and get to the diamond, I want you to accept there is a diamond in your chest, mid way between your throat and and your navel, it is dull and lifeless at this point, we need to feed it with air, literaly to blow it up into a full shining star inside our chest. Breath deeply, with every breath imagine the energy from that life you are breathing in is filling your diamond.
Now here is the bit that I just do not have the words to describe exactly but you have to take that imagined energy and manufacture the joy from it. It is a physical process, though only a split second process, you have to discover for yourself there is that door to open to replace emptiness or pain with the contrived joy.
I would give one tip, at first it might be helpful to try this while listening to some music that effects one emotionally, uplifting dance music worked for me.
For me it is like a fire of ‘feelgood’ that grows in my chest spreads to my arms and shoulders and temples but it is a fire that has to be stoked, as soon as one stops consciously stoking the diamond the ‘tickle’ goes away but not the effects.
The effects of the diamond I offer here for your information, I doubt many, if any, will believe what I am about to say, I have used the diamond, inducing the feeling of joy to dance all night at raves without drugs, I have used the diamond to get a bank loan, I have used the diamond in a job interview and got the job, I have even used the diamond to play chess. The Diamond is part of the ‘The Map’ story I chose not to put into The Map self help tool because it is unverifyable but I would like to end by quoting the little I have written about the Diamond .

“I have already tried to explain the Diamond, but maybe like the chess game I do not have the words and maybe all the correct words could block attaining the Diamond and maybe it is a different feeling for everyone, maybe this is all I should say, imagine relaxed joy, feel it as a force, smile, close your eyes and feel, don’t think.”

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